One thing that every player is concerned about is secure transactions for cash games. With SPYKING RUMMY, each and every transaction is 100% secure and safe. Every player needs to complete KYC verification before participating in cash games and all winning amounts are transferred directly to the bank account. We offer multiple payment options right from credit cards, debit cards, eWallets and Netbanking. There is also instant payment options where players can see their winning amount in the bank account right away.

You can play rummy for cash and that’s completely legal in India. One of the biggest reasons for this is that it is a game of skill. As per the Honorable Supreme Court of India, games of skill like rummy are 100% legal to play. Indian rummy requires skill and strategy to win a hand, leaving no scope for chance or luck. It is important to understand that games based on skill, do not fall under gambling, whether played for leisure or cash. With it being a game of skill, it doesn’t fall under gambling and there is no element of ‘luck’ involved.

Every card game move with rules and in rummy game, it is with the formation of sets and sequences that make a valid hand. There is no chance involved in this game. With right calculations and analysis of the opponent cards, you can win the game. The most exciting part of this card game is that it can change in one single move. You can win or lose the hand, with just the right shuffle of the cards. So, the more you play the smarter your strategy gets.

SPYKING RUMMY is not only interesting but also challenging. It not only provides rewards for registered players, invites more friends to participate in the game, but also makes more money. The game is going on all day and players just need to book seats to start the game. Enter this exciting world and win awards and special prizes to keep you coming back for more.

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This is the best rummy game in India, it has the smartest features to help you win the game.
This is a game that can bring you income, even though you are still making money when you are resting.
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  • What is the maximum withdrawal amount?

    Different amounts can be withdrawn according to different club levels, see CLUB LEVELS for details.
  • How to win?

    Just as it’s important to know the rummy rules, it is also necessary to play carefully and with focus. Here are quick tips to win the rummy game and stay a step ahead of your competitors.

    1、Form the pure sequence at the very beginning of the game. Without a pure sequence, a player cannot make a declaration.

    2、Discard cards with high points like Ace, Jack, Queen and King. Replace these cards with Joker or Wild Cards. It reduces the point load, in case you lose the game.

    3、As much as possible, avoid picking from the discard pile. It gives away what hand you are trying to form.

    4、Look out for smart cards. For example, a 7 of any suit can work with 5 and 6 of the same suit and also 8 and 9 of the same suit.

    5、Jokers play an important role in rummy. Try using them to replace high value cards. Remember, Joker and wild cards cannot be used to form pure sequence.

    6、When you are ready to make a declaration, check and recheck your cards and then press the button. An invalid declaration can turn even a winning game into a complete loss.

  • What is Raise Rummy?

    This is one of the exciting variant of Rummy games. This is played very much like Point Rummy but with one difference. Here, point value increases at regular intervals.
  • What is 10card Rummy?

    Compared with traditional rummy, 10card Rummy has 3 cards less. As long as there is a set of pure sequences, it can be completed. The fewer cards, the faster you play.
  • What is the number of cards?

    The Indian Rummy card game is played by 2 to 6 players with 1 deck (for two players) or 2 decks (for more than 2 players) of cards. At the beginning of every game/deal, 13 cards are dealt to each player. A random card is selected as a wild Joker for the game.

    Cards are dealt completely randomly. Experienced players are known to play against the odds and turn the tide in their favor, thereby proving Rummy to be a game of skill rather than a game of luck.

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